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Many of us have heard about the Christmas tree shop and questioned what exactly it was about. Is the Christmas tree shop open year round? Some of them are. However, these shops are different than what you think they are. It is a bargain store to purchase merchandise for your home at great prices. It can have great antiques, things for crafts, and plenty of gifts. The Christmas tree shop began as a holiday gift shop in Cape Cod, but the store then quickly expanded into a one that is filled with deals for all seasons. The Christmas tree shop evolved into a year round store but decided to keep the same name.

The Christmas tree shop houses products for home décor, kitchen, dining, furniture, outdoor, pets, and gifts. They also hold seasonal products. This time of year aka October- December is one of the best times to step into the Christmas tree shop because of the seasonal products. The Christmas tree shop will be filled with candles that smell like a fireplace, snow, apples, hot chocolate, and plenty more. At the Christmas tree shop you will be able to find gingerbread houses that are a traditional product for Christmas’s at home. The Christmas tree shops can also become your destination stop for gifts for the family.

When thinking about the Christmas tree shop my first image is the cozy little shop that appears in the front entrance of most cracker barrel restaurants. It is filled with toys, antiques, and food that are specific to the cracker barrel all with the homey feel. The Christmas tree shop holds the same appeal. Decorated for whatever season it is always welcoming to enter. The Christmas tree shop began as a small holiday gift shop selling ornaments and gifts from May through October in a barn in Massachusetts but within 20 years the store transformed itself and is accessible in most states year round.

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Bargainers’ across the country are cheering for the Christmas tree shop in their area. To ensure new comers to the Christmas tree shop do not get confused into thinking the store is specifically for Christmas, the owners of the Christmas tree shop added the “and That!” saying to the end of the of the store name. Complete with seasonal wreaths and decorations for outside the Christmas tree shop is a one-stop destination for holiday shopping along with everyday bargain shopping. Currently in the October newsletter the Christmas tree shop showcases the wreaths and its decorations that are Halloween specific. From a standing skeleton perfect for the front door to hanging lights, and spider crawling tablecloths the Christmas tree shop is definitely not just for Christmas.

Bargainers of all types will enjoy the Christmas tree shop and all it has to offer. With a home like feeling the minute you open the door and with a senses overhaul of candles of every scent consumers will be swept into the world of the Christmas tree shop and be surprised to find they do not want to leave the bargain filled, cozy, replica of home, year round store.

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